Merrimac Marine:

Providing Maritime Employers Liability Insurance

Marine insurance leader Merrimac Marine Insurance can provide you with the coverage solutions needed in the event your clients’ employees are injured or become ill on the job. It’s important to understand the scope of exposures involved and the coverages available to respond when it comes to maritime employees, which our marine insurance experts can help you navigate. If, for example, employees in the course of their duties find themselves on a vessel operated by another company, they need specialized coverage. Once a vessel has left the dock and is under its own power, state Workers’ Compensation does not cover the insured and coverage under USL&H will not be sufficient. This is where Maritime Employers Liability (MEL) insurance steps in.

Who Is Covered Under MEL

MEL covers employees on someone else’s vessels. Small or large, oil rig, yacht, barge, or cruise ship, there is liability for employees when placed aboard other vessels even though the insured is not the owner or operator of that vessel. MEL also covers employees who are temporarily on board one of your client’s own vessels. For example, a marine construction company may have a full-time captain who is covered under its P&I policy, but also employs some land-based employees who work on board vessels part of the time.