Merrimac Marine:

Insuring Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Merrimac Marine is an industry leader in securing comprehensive insurance packages for marine-related facilities, docks and yacht clubs. We offer package solutions that include coordinated marine and non-marine coverages to provide comprehensive protection for the full scope of operations that today’s marinas and yacht clubs offer. Many can be multi-use facilities, combining a wide spectrum of specialized services and amenities, such as boat rentals, restaurants, boat sales, repair, storage, shops and hotels – all of these activities taking place on the navigable waters of the United States, with its own laws and regulations.

Whether your insured owns a marina that’s extensive or smaller in scale, there are many issues to consider, including Federal Maritime Laws, Coast Guard Security, OSHA, Homeland Security and environmental protection. At Merrimac, we understand marinas/yacht clubs and how to help you best protect them.