10 Dangers That Boat Builders Face


10 Dangers That Boat Builders Face

Boat builders face numerous challenges when constructing a brand new boat to take into the open water. There’s nothing worse for boat owners than encountering boat problems when out on the water. The dangers that boat builders face can range from minor inconveniences to major emergencies, and they can occur at any time, even if taking all the necessary precautions. 

This article will briefly explore ten of the most common boat problems to watch out for. Addressing these issues improves overall passenger safety and reduces the need for frequent maintenance tasks in the long run.

Improperly Insulated Air Conditioning Ducts

External factors often contribute to water damage. Ultimately, some of those factors can include leaks or storms. However, inadequate insulation of air conditioning ducts can also cause water damage. Despite this being a seemingly obvious issue for boaters, marine surveyors still commonly encounter plywood components damaged by excess condensation and sweat ducts.

Painting with Gel Coat Plywood Structures

Many builders use a generous gel coat layer to give their plywood structures a glossy finish. However, experienced boaters are well aware that gel coats tend to absorb water, which in turn causes the plywood structures to become waterlogged and, ultimately, rot.

Unsealed Printed Circuits

The trend in modern boats is to use printed circuits on the back of their electrical distribution panel boards. However, a concern regarding these PC boards is whether they are adequately weather-sealed. Even minor corrosion can cause significant damage to these boards, and finding a replacement can be challenging and expensive.

Poor Installation of Battery

Battery installation is undoubtedly one of the most frequent design and installation errors that boat owners encounter yearly. These issues can arise on various fronts.

Inadequate Equipment for Firefighting

There have been significant improvements in onboard firefighting equipment and its usage during the past few years. However, it is still easy to make fundamental errors in equipment selection that could cause panic when dealing with an emergency.

Inaccurate Compass

If the display screen on your chartplotter suddenly goes blank, using the paper charts and following a perfectly functional compass can be the key to plotting a safe course from point A to B.

Poor Installation of Aluminum Fuel Tanks

Despite the number of complaints, careless installation of aluminum fuel tanks remains a prevalent issue. Builders who mount these tanks on plywood decks that come in contact with bilge water create a nightmare for boaters.

Abrupt Motor Stops

Abrupt motor stops can occur due to unintentional pressing of the kill switch, running out of fuel, faults in the ignition system, unreliable electrical connections, or corrosion.

Electrical Devices Face Exposure

Novice boat designers sometimes make the critical mistake of installing delicate electrical devices in areas prone to getting wet, leading to substantial water damage and system malfunctions.

Poorly Designed Engine Hatch Gutters

One of the fundamental boat construction principles is preventing water from entering the engine. However, despite the improvement in the designs by some builders, several boat designers still install substandard engine hatch gutters or neglect them entirely. 

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