How Boat Builders Can Avoid Injury

How Boat Builders Can Avoid Injury

From skin abrasions to inhaling dangerous vapors, there is no shortage of risks that boat builders face. We’re going to explore how to avoid injury from epoxy resins, flammable chemicals, and more. Share the following information with your clients and protect their entire operation with a Boat Builder Insurance Policy.

Flammable liquid safety.

Flammable liquids release flammable vapors. These vapors can build up in a workshop and, if ignition sources aren’t managed properly and ventilation isn’t sufficient, can ignite resulting in a fire or explosion. The vapors can also travel significant distances taking the explosion risk with them

Flammable fluids like thinners, solvents and fuels can accumulate static charges when they are flowing and can be ignited by static electricity. Extra care should be taken when decanting flammable liquids. Because of the chance of fire, it’s essential that staff understand the dangers of working with flammables and know what to do if something goes wrong, explains NZI’s Boat Builder Risk Management Guide.

Some of the common flammable solvents to be cautious of include:

  • Acetone
  • Resins
  • Paints, primers, and lacquers

Epoxy resin safety.

When too much epoxy resin or polyester resin is mixed and not used quickly enough, it starts to generate its own heat, creating a fire hazard and releasing toxic fumes. To prevent this, the resin should be covered with water to prevent these from occurring while it cures.

There are various risks that boat builders face, but with the right training and knowledge, your clients can protect their employees and in turn, protect their bottom line.

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