Boat Dealer Sales Strategies

Boat Dealer Sales Strategies

Salesmanship is an art when selling a boat. As these vessels are a large investment, there are certain techniques that should be followed in order to ensure the sale. While the value of Boat Dealer Insurance and charisma shouldn’t be underestimated, the following tips have the potential to increase your clients’ sales tenfold.

Use an Open Ended Greeting- Rather than ask if a customer needs help, phrase the question to engage them in conversation. For example, experts at Profit Blog recommend saying “Welcome to ABC Boats. I’m (your name) and you are..?” This way, customers aren’t just replying instinctually with a yes or no answer.

Avoid Negativity- Instead of making every excuse as to why boats are not being sold, encourage your clients to find ways to navigate the problems. Research solutions, try new techniques, learn more about the boats, etc. Vincent Finetti, CEO of Boat Show Avenue and Prestige Vision Inc., reminds your clients that negativity is poison to the sales performance.

Sell the Experience, Not the Boat- The thrill of owning a boat should be the main focus in boat sales. Don’t forget to mention the time they’ll spend on the water, the experience, the beauty of their investment, and the happiness they will feel from the ownership.

Listen to the Client & Agree with Them- Really listening to your client’s needs is the most important tool for selling a watercraft. Next, agree with them. For example, if they mention that they don’t need the boat, agree with them but remind them that the purpose of buying a boat isn’t for necessity but rather for the overall experience.

Offer Sea Trials- Once the customer has given the boat a test run, the probability of a sale increases tremendously. This allows the customer to envision life with the boat instead of just examining its stats on paper.

Don’t Mention Price- It is important that your clients refer to the price of the boat as value. Put into perspective the depth of their investment as relating it to their children’s future enjoyment or the travels they will be able to enjoy. Focus on how much the boat is worth, not how much it costs.

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