Boat Trailer Theft Prevention

Boat Trailer Theft Prevention

A simple boat trailer is an easy target for a thief. Unfortunately, incidents like these are all too common for boaters. As a hitch isn’t even required to steal a boat, it’s important for your clients to take the proper preventative measures to protect their boat in addition to securing a Recreational Boating Insurance policy.

A chain and padlock run through the vents of the wheel and around the trailer frame are relatively effective. Remember, even a healthy preteen can cut ¼-diameter chain with bolt cutters. We recommend using chain with links made from at least ½-diameter wire, says Boating Mag.

Another option to consider is using a wheel boot. The models that cover the tire lugs are ideal since it prevents the thief from simply removing it and replacing it with a spare before taking off with the boat.

Park the towing vehicle up against another large vehicle, a fence, or a tree to prevent thieves from attempting to steal the watercraft. As previously mentioned, a thief might chain an unhitched trailer to his truck and tow it away even if a lock is fitted to the coupler. But if the trailer is hitched to the tow vehicle, a coupler lock that secures the trailer to the hitch can be effective — provided the thief doesn’t steal the truck, says the article.

Lastly, try removing one of the tires to prevent thievery. Don’t forget to remove the spare tire, as well. Bear in mind that for long-term storage, a boat should be placed on cinder blocks instead of wheels, anyway.

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