Boating Light Safety for Parades

Boating Light Safety for Parades

With Christmas only a few days away, the beautiful and festive boat parades are ready to start. If your clients plan on decorating their boats with last minute light displays, safety and time are of the essence. With that, ensure they are protected with a comprehensive Recreational Boating Insurance Program and share the following advice to ensure their safety.

Powering up.

Powering the light display correctly is crucial. Boat U.S. states to wrap plug connections tightly between strands with high-quality electrical tape, and don’t overload circuits. Bear in mind that excessive light strands should never be crammed into one power source. Examine wires for frayed lights and broken bulbs to minimize the risk of a fire, as well.

Attach the lights securely.

Without sturdy walls, hanging lights on a boat can be challenging. Hang lights above deck level to avoid water splashing on them and to stay out of the way when docking.  Next, ensure that light connections steer clear of metal support structures and never obscure navigation lights. Remember that decorating and lights should not compromise safety- keep the lights from obstructing the driver’s view.

Ensure the boat is stable.

A beautiful light display is the goal of the parade, but ensuring the vessel is stable is a requirement. Be cautious of the light placements, especially if they are placed high above the boat, to ensure the decorations do not disrupt the stability of the boat.

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