Cold Weather Boating Considerations

Cold Weather Boating Considerations

In our last post, we discussed some of the advantages of boating during the fall season. While there may be fewer people on the waterways, there are still some safety and other considerations to keep in mind when boating during the colder months. Therefore, ensure your clients are secured with a Recreational Boating Insurance Program and share the following with them.

Dress appropriately.

The adage “Dress for the water, not the weather” applies. Odd balmy days will spur boaters to cruise. But cold water behooves us to wear fabrics such as wool that retain heat, even when wet. Also consider an insulated float coat, which will keep you warm and serve as a life jacket should you end up in the water, says Boating Mag.

Be mindful of water splashing.

While a splash of water from the sea might be refreshing in July, the same experience in October might be dreaded. Be mindful of the speed of the boat, especially with others nearby and when navigating in heavy winds.

Beware of frost.

Often invisible on white boats, frost is incredibly dangerous and causes every surface to be slippery. Be careful when boarding and disembarking the boat.

Snow alert.

Your boat may have a self-bailing cockpit, but, unfortunately, snow won’t flow out of the scuppers. Prepare to shovel out your water-stored boat if the white stuff falls. In fact, even if it rains go check the boat; an overnight freeze can block drains with frozen water, even if water elsewhere has returned to a liquid state, says the article.

Approach ice slowly.

Going full speed into ice-even if it is only a few millimeters thick, will cause gouging in the boat’s gel coat. Approach ice cautiously and slowly to prevent this from occurring.

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