As we discussed in our previous post, issues with boats and equipment are inevitable. While these mishaps are undoubtedly frustrating, boaters can rest assured knowing there a few simple solutions for each. In addition to following these simple steps for boat repair and maintenance, boaters should ensure their Recreational Marine Insurance Program is updated and in effect.

It Won’t Start- This is probably a result of a simple electrical problem such as a failing battery or a fault in the ignition circuit.

Solution- Double check that the shifters are in neutral and examine the kill switch. Boating Mag states that sometimes, a dash-mounted ignition switch will simply become loose in its fitting, allowing the entire switch mechanism to turn with the key. This can be resolved by tightening up the mounting equipment so that just the ignition turns.

It is also a wise idea to keep simple tools onboard such as a screwdriver and a wrench set.

The Boat Dies- If the boat still has plenty of fuel and the kill switch is still off, this is most likely another electrical failure.

Solution- Work the ignition switches a bit to see if the connection is still intact or if the fuse was blown. If this doesn’t work, check for signs of corrosion on the battery. These components need regular maintenance and cleaning to avoid build up and loss of power. Experts recommend keeping a wire brush on board to clean important terminals.

Vibrations- The engine is moving quickly yet the boat is losing speed, simultaneously increasing the vibrations.

Solution- This is likely an issue with the prop. Boating Mag also states a nick or gouged blade can create imbalance and vibration; a towrope or fishing line can snarl the shaft; a direct hit on an object could remove or misshape enough metal to make the prop ineffective. If the boat is vibrating, boaters should get to shore to install the spare prop or examine for further damage. Boaters should carry gloves onboard for protection against prop blades.

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