Managing Environmental Pollution Challenges

Managing Environmental Pollution Challenges

Environmental pollution is a large concern for the marine repair industry. As many of their operations include the use and discarding of toxic chemicals, they must take extreme precaution to prevent polluting the surrounding waters. Since these pollutants have adverse effects on animal wildlife and humans, ensure your clients are protected with a customized Ship Repairer Insurance program. Here are the following aspects of this profession that need to be handled with extreme care.

Material use and storage.

Ship repair facilities are known to use and store hazardous materials such as oils, fuels, detergents, cleaning solutions, and paints. Without the proper storage techniques, these materials pose a significant threat to the surrounding environment. Ensure your clients have proper storing techniques, are proactive in preventing theft, and prevent leaks and spills.


According to the Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts, welding activities can contribute towards air pollution and cause metal contamination of soil, storm water, and coastal marine surface waters via airborne dust and fume emission.


Toxic chemicals that are released during painting at the repair facility need to be managed carefully. Ensure your clients are careful about proper handling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released into the atmosphere, water bodies, and soil.

Engine repair.

Oil, fuel, and solvents need to be discarded appropriately to reduce the chances of preventing the waters.

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