Marine Repair Industry: Environmental Management Issues

Marine Repair Industry: Environmental Management Issues

Environmental risks are an unfortunate issue for marine repairers. As pollutants can adversely affect the ocean’s plant and animal life, the environment, and human health, these issues need to be managed appropriately and efficiently. In order to reduce your clients’ Ship Repair Pollution Liability Risks, be sure they have adequate insurance coverage.

Material Use and Storage- Ship repair facilities are known to use and store hazardous materials such as oils, fuels, detergents, cleaning solutions, and paints. If these materials are not stored properly, they can cause serious pollution damage to the surrounding area. Remind your clients to protect against leaks and spills in their facility and to safeguard against theft.

Painting- While many repair facilities provide manual painting, it is important to manage the toxic vapors and liquids that are released during the process. If your clients’ business uses spray paint, it is important to be mindful of the proper handling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released into the atmosphere, water bodies, and soil.

Welding- According to the Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts, welding activities can contribute towards air pollution and cause metal contamination of soil, storm water and coastal marine surface waters via airborne dusts and fume emission.

Engine Repair- The oil, fuel, and solvents that are involved in the maintenance and repair of engines needs to be disposed of properly to prevent marine damage.

Emergency Response Procedures- As these threats can be serious, it is imperative your clients have a system in place to manage these environmental risks. An emergency protocol that is designed to handle these situations promptly can help decrease environmental damage.

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