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Must-Know Marine Industry Resources For Insurance Professionals

marina insurance

Must-Know Marine Industry Resources For Insurance Professionals

November 30, 2023

In the realm of insurance, understanding the nuances of marina insurance is crucial, given the distinct challenges faced by the marine industry. Staying informed about evolving marine insurance programs is essential for insurance professionals to effectively navigate and address the unique risks inherent in this dynamic sector.

This article aims to equip insurance professionals with invaluable resources tailored to the intricacies of the marine industry. From insightful guides to cutting-edge marine insurance programs, this guide provides professionals with the knowledge and tools to navigate this specialized sector.

Top 11 Marine Industry Resources 

The best marine industry resources elevate the expertise of insurance professionals. From comprehensive guides to innovative marine insurance programs, here are some resources that will enhance your understanding of the complexities of the maritime sector:

1) Lloyd’s List: Lloyd’s List is a premier source for maritime news and market analysis, offering curated content with actionable data. The site provides unique insights into the latest developments and trends in maritime operations, risk identification, and compliance. 

Part of Lloyd’s List Intelligence, the site delivers actionable maritime insight, data, and analytics to drive commercial advantage and support the efficient, lawful movement of seaborne trade.

2) MarineTraffic: MarineTraffic offers the public free access to near real-time information on vessel positions, movements, and additional details such as port traffic and voyage specifics. This service spans the coastlines of numerous countries worldwide, providing valuable insights into maritime activities.

Complemented by a range of related services, MarineTraffic aims to enhance transparency and accessibility in the maritime domain for a diverse audience.

3) Seatrade Maritime News: Seatrade Maritime has been a leading source of daily maritime news since 1970, offering comprehensive coverage of marine, shipping, and offshore updates from the global maritime industry.

Seatrade Maritime’s mission is to provide the latest news, thorough market analysis, and industry knowledge that empowers and informs the community.

4) The Maritime Executive: The Maritime Executive is an up-to-date maritime news and information source. Its offerings include editorial commentary, featured articles, podcasts, blogs, a jobs board, and access to previous magazine editions.

With a commitment to innovation, Maritime Executive provides the largest maritime media outlet available today, delivering valuable insights to readers and advertisers through diverse print and digital platforms.

5) TradeWinds: TradeWinds is the go-to news source in shipping, providing market-leading coverage and insightful analysis of key issues. With a global editorial team of experts, the company delivers peerless independent journalism, offering unique insights, business intelligence, and unparalleled coverage in the shipping industry.

6) Splash 247: Splash 24/7 is the world’s premier maritime and offshore news site, delivering the latest incisive and exclusive maritime news. 

The platform offers interviews and in-depth analysis of the global maritime, shipping, and offshore industries, providing readers with valuable insights and comprehensive coverage in the maritime and offshore sectors.

7) Marine Insight: Marine Insight has been vital in informing and educating people about the Maritime Industry since 2010. As one of the world’s largest nonprofit maritime training and educational institutions, its scope encompasses maritime, shipping, offshore news, marine engineering, and technical knowledge. 

The site also covers navigation techniques, safety at sea tips, information on marine careers, and insights into life at sea.

8) The Maritime Connector: The Maritime Connector delivers high-quality shipping services, prioritizing safety, reliability, and efficiency. 

The company’s technicians specialize in metal, electrical, and other repairs to keep vessels running optimally, while its experienced engineers ensure comprehensive engine maintenance.

The Maritime Connector also offers full-service, professional maintenance and repair services for life-saving appliances (LSA) and firefighting equipment (FFE).

9) Ship Technology: Ship Technology provides a comprehensive platform for shipping news and profound analyses of major stories in shipping, ports, ocean freight, cruises, and seafarer job trends. 

The company has access to over 1 billion data points, expertise across 80 global markets, and a team of 800+ award-winning professionals.

10) Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act: The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) compensates workers injured during maritime activities, ensuring financial support for medical expenses and lost wages. 

Additionally, it streamlines the claims process, minimizing disruptions to workers and employers, thereby promoting stability within the maritime sector.

11) Merrimac Marine Agency: Merrimac Marine Insurance has been prominent in the recreational marine insurance realm for over three decades. The company brings expertise and experience in supporting risk mitigation and transfer. 

Merrimac Marine Insurance prioritizes aiding agency partners, ensuring the successful and secure placement of recreational marine businesses. 

Stay Informed

These marine industry resources are specifically crafted to bolster your knowledge in areas such as marina insurance. These invaluable tools, including cutting-edge marine insurance programs, are instrumental for insurance professionals seeking to stay informed and elevate their expertise in this dynamic field.

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving marine insurance landscape with Merrimac today. Contact us to stay informed, ensuring your expertise aligns with the latest advancements and opportunities in the dynamic world of maritime insurance.

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