Shipyard Occupational Safety

Shipyard Occupational Safety

Occupational hazards are not uncommon for shipyard workers. The most common risks are ones that pose significant health and safety risks –  and, in some cases, death – if the proper preventative measures and safety precautions aren’t taken. However, with the right Commercial Marine Insurance Program as a first line of defense against potential claims and injuries, exposures can be minimized. In addition, share the following with them to protect their bottom line.

Proper training.

Regardless of their position, employees should undergo thorough training for proper safety procedures, learn how to operate machinery, and know how to handle an emergency situation. This simple step can prevent injuries and save lives, so don’t underestimate an adequate safety training program.


In the event of an accident, professional help should clearly be sought out. However, in the meantime, it’s important for surrounding workers to do their part in preventing further injury and work as a team to help each other until help arrives.


Safety practices, updates to security measures, new protective gear requirements, and related measures should be communicated by the management to all employees. With ample communication, confusion can be reduced which, in turn, will minimize the risk for accidents.

Safety measures.

Shipyard safety measures such as protecting structures like railings, platforms, and mid rails should be enforced around the working space of employees, says Marine Insight. Bear in mind that major injuries can be prevented if the proper protective equipment is used.

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