How Often Should Docks Undergo Maintenance, and What Do They Need?

How Often Should Docks Undergo Maintenance, and What Do They Need?

Just like any other structure, docks need to be maintained. Docks are subject to weather changes, general wear-and-tear, and mildew, and decay. By maintaining a dock, your clients can ensure its appearance, safety, and longevity. So how often should they maintain their docks, and what does this maintenance entail?

Inspect Docks Frequently

Docks get damaged, especially during rough weather. Your clients should inspect their docks frequently to determine whether it needs repairs and maintenance. Pressure-treated wood docks need to be inspected more frequently than other types; even though they’re affordable, they’re more likely to be damaged. Inspect pressure-treated wood dock after harsh weather and every seasonal change.

Hardwoods and composite woods don’t need to be inspected as frequently, but should still be inspected after damaging weather. Give a dock a once over semi-annually to make sure that it doesn’t need any emergency repairs. Your inspection doesn’t have to be rigorous: just check the basics whenever you have a chance.

Docks Need Annual Cleaning

Scrub and clean docks every year to remove any ground-in dirt. At the same time, your clients can look for any repair issues that may not have been otherwise visible. Cleaning a dock is a good time to look for signs of mold, mildew, and decay. If you spot rot, you need to act fast: the longer these issues persist, the more damage will be done to the structure of the dock.

After your dock is fresh, clean, and dried, consider staining it. Stain will further protect a dock. It’s best done when water levels are low, and the best time to do it is right after the dock is cleaned, as the stain will adhere easily.

Seal A Dock Every Few Years

If your dock is stained and not painted, consider sealing it every few years. Sealant will improve the attractiveness of your dock, while also protecting the wood from rot and mildew. Sealing a dock is usually a fairly easy process: you just need to spray on a few layers of the sealant coating, and then allow to dry.

The more active your clients are in dock maintenance, the longer the dock will last without repairs. Inspecting, cleaning, and repairing a dock also improves its safety, reducing the chances that individuals can slip or trip on the surface.

But, of course, if something does happen to a dock, such as serious damage, you want your clients to be covered. Dock insurance is what protects your clients from accidents that happen on their docks, and things that happen to their docks.

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