Ways in Which Your Marina Clients Can be More Environmentally Friendly

Ways in Which Your Marina Clients Can be More Environmentally Friendly

With over 57 percent of Americans worried a great deal about the pollution of our waters, it’s no wonder that your marina clients are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. Humans are not kind to the environment: think about the island of plastic that’s floating in the middle of the ocean, or the massive amount of oil spills that happen along our coast alone. But people are wanting to become more environmentally aware, and they are looking for businesses with green practices as well.

Any marina client can learn to be more wary of the pollution that they can cause. If you’re wondering about some tips that you can communicate to your marina insurance clients, then this blog is for you. Here’s some ways that marina clients can be more environmentally friendly, courtesy of Ocean Conservancy.

Oil and Fuel

Diesel fuel and motor oil are extremely toxic to the environment, but they are needed. When these things are in a marina, it’s important to be incredibly careful with them. When these things get into the water, they trap much needed sunlight that the wildlife in the water needs to survive. Most oil pollution is a result of an accident or negligence. If your client routinely inspects their boats’ storage tanks and replaces steel oil filters, then they’re ahead of the curve. Other ways to keep fuel out of the water include recycling programs. Also, never use soaps to dispense spills. It is illegal.

Sewage Pollution

A single overboard discharge of human waste can be disastrous for a marina (particularly one without a marina insurance program). If this waste is in a bay, you can expect it to be detected for up to one square mile. Even a little waste can completely disrupt the environment surrounding a marina; it’s a hazard. If a pump-out service is available, a dumping station or toilets, then there’s no reason for anyone to dump their waste into the ocean.

Vessel Maintenance and Repair

Sanding, cleaning, degreasing and painting boats periodically can help offset the impact that a boat has on the environment. Particles of dust and paint effectively block sunlight going into the water, meaning it’s imperative to make sure your boat is in pristine condition. On top of that, cleaning chemicals are toxic to the water and the wildlife. When doing maintenance, always make sure to set out a covered space (a tarp can help) to do the job. Always clean up once you’re done with a broom or vacuum. Use water-catch basins if the marina provides them and use environmentally friendly cleaners.

Other ways that your clients can help save the environment include cleaning marine debris so it doesn’t pollute the water, maintaining stormwater runoffs from toxic chemicals and minimizing vessel damages. Any good marina will ensure that these measures are properly practiced.

Marina Insurance with Pollution Coverage

Every properly-run marina will have a marina insurance program, but not all marinas have the protection that they need. If your marina clients only have general liability coverage, then they are fully exposed to pollution-related damages. As pollution is typically excluded by general liability insurance policies, it is imperative that you offer your clients a coverage package that includes pollution coverage.

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