What to Do After a Jet Ski Accident


What to Do After a Jet Ski Accident

A jet ski accident can happen if the rider of the watercraft does not operate it properly and efficiently. Accidents can happen whether you have beginner or experienced customers. The best advice for your clients is to operate their jet skis safely and follow all waterway rules. Your clients should communicate safety rules clearly to their customers. Nonetheless, if they find themselves in an accident, it’s essential to know what steps to take next. 

The Steps to Take After a Jet Ski Accident

As insurance agents for jet ski rental clients, we understand how stressful these situations can be and have compiled some tips on what our clients’ clients can do after a jet ski accident:

Stop and Check for Injuries

If any of the drivers or passengers have suffered an injury in a jet ski accident, you should first stop and check for injuries. Make sure to call 911 if necessary and seek medical attention right away. 

Regardless of apparent physical harm, it’s best to see a medical professional as soon as possible since some injuries may not be immediately visible. The most common injuries associated with jet ski accidents are head and neck trauma, broken bones, cuts/bruises, and spinal cord damage. 

Contact the Insurance Company

Help your clients contact their insurance company after a jet ski accident as soon as possible. It is essential to alert their insurer of the circumstances, especially if an injury or property damage is involved. The insurance company can advise what steps your clients’ customers should take next, such as seeking medical attention or contacting local authorities.

On your jet ski rental clients’ end, they should also contact their insurance company to report the incident and document any details of the accident. Additionally, they should take pictures or videos of the scene from all angles and make notes about who was involved in the event. 

Jet ski rental owners must get personal watercraft insurance since accidents can occur even if they follow safety protocols. As such, it’s best for rental owners to get coverage that covers both property damage and liability in case of an accident.

Call an Attorney

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help guide our clients’ clients through all the legal aspects of their case. They can help explain their rights so that they can make informed decisions about their next steps, such as negotiating a settlement or filing a lawsuit. The lawyer can also handle all communication with the insurance company if the customer feels overwhelmed after the accident.

Keep Calm

For those involved in a jet ski accident, the priority should be to keep calm. Owners of jet ski rentals must work with you to ensure that they follow all proper procedures in the event of an accident.

Accidents may not be the most pleasant experience, but your clients must see this as a way to provide exemplary customer service. They should take steps to ensure that they handled the jet ski accident professionally and safely.

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